Reception parties are laid with sumptuous food to treat the guests a little more. It is accompanied by good music and ambience to add to the zing. Unlike all the ceremonies, the reception does not include any rituals. It is a light event which is basically organized to provide opportunity to those people who could not attend the wedding

This is a celebration time for both the families as they rejoice over their new accord. The reception ceremony also serves as an opportunity for the bride to know the acquaintances and associates of the groom's family. This is the time when the bride finally represents herself as an important member of her new family. Reception ceremonies are therefore arranged from the groom's side to make the world know that they have a new member and they celebrate her arrival. It is an extension of the marriage celebrations.

• Any cancellations have to be communicated at least a month in advance. Advance will not be refunded in case of cancellation of events or package.

• Please take care of your belongings. Team or Management will not be responsible for loss or theft of your belongings.

Children need to be accompanied by adults at all times. Team or Management at River Winds Resort will not be responsible for any accidents at the resort.

• Valet parking services are available at extra cost.

• Any damage done to the property has to be paid by guest.

• Guests are requested to avoid any abusive behavior towards other guests or any member of the hotel staff or else Guest will be asked to leave the resort immediately without any refunds.

• Events are allowed only till 1 am. Charge of INR 10,000 per hour will be levied after 1 am just for use of lawn. Food and drinks will be charged extra.